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Happy Spray is a solution for the sanitation of hands, environments, surfaces, fabrics, masks, clothes, shoes, coveralls, bags, protective tools, packages, plastic objects, latex / vinyl / nitrile gloves as well as for the purification of air .


Happy Spray for its particular composition, unlike other sanitizers, stands out as it associates the well known properties of ethyl alcohol with those of aldehydes, phenols, terpenes, alcohols, naturally contained in Essential Oils.


Based on 70% alcohol with a knockdown effect and a selected pool of essential oils with a persistent effect .


Happy Spray with 250 ml dispenser is indispensable in daily work or family use .


It also leaves a pleasant scent on hands, environments and treated objects.


SKU: 8027460600900
€15.53 Regular Price
€13.98Sale Price
  • Happy Spray is an innovative sanitizer to purify air, objects, surfaces based on alcohol and essential oils with a purifying and persistent action.


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