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Happy Hand is an eudermic gel resulting from Eco & Biofood research and development for hand sanitation with 70% alcohol and an innovative pool of Essential Oils . Happy Hand dries quickly and has a persistent effect , leaving the hands soft and fresh. Due to its particular composition, unlike other sanitizers, it stands out as it associates the well-known properties of ethyl alcohol with those of aldehydes, phenols, terpenes, alcohols, naturally contained in essential oils. Based on 70% alcohol with a knockdown effect and a selected pool of essential oils with a persistent effect . Happy Hand with 100 ml dispenser is indispensable in daily work or family use.


SKU: 8027460600894
€10.55 Regular Price
€9.50Sale Price
  • Happy Hand is an innovative sanitizer for cleaning hands in the absence of water or when a prompt purifying and refreshing action is required.

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