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Fighting Heat Stress in Dairy Cows with a Natural Approach

The summer heat continues and as you know dairy cows are animals that can be subject to significant levels of stress during periods of intense heat. This stress can have a negative impact on their health, well-being and milk production. However, there is an alternative solution that can help mitigate this problem: the use of Happy Vit plus FEED, an innovative product developed by Eco & Biofood

Happy Vit plus FEED: a natural alternative to the usual nutritional proposals

Happy Vit plus FEED is a dietary supplement designed specifically to deal with heat stress in dairy cows that are fed with Unifeed. This product is based on the natural approach, using medicinal plants selected for their beneficial properties.

Features of Happy Vit plus FEED:

Happy Vit plus FEED is formulated with a combination of specific medicinal plants, designed to counteract the negative effects of heat stress on dairy cows. Among the main features of the product, you can find:

1. Thermal regulation: The medicinal plants present in Happy Vit plus FEED promote the internal thermoregulation of the animal, helping it to maintain an optimal body temperature during hot days.

2. Improved ration intake: The product promotes palatability of the feed, encouraging cows to consume the right amount of food even during periods of thermal stress

3. Increased conversion index: Thanks to its formulation, Happy Vit plus FEED helps to optimize the digestive efficiency of cows, contributing to a better food conversion index.

4. Improvement of the microbiota: The medicinal plants contained in Happy Vit plus FEED can help improve the balance of the gut microbiota of cows, promoting better digestion and greater resistance to stressful agents.


Heat stress is a significant challenge for dairy cows during the summer months, but thanks to innovative products such as Happy Vit plus Feed, you can provide natural and targeted support to reduce the negative effects of this condition.

With its medicinal plant formulation, Happy Vit plus Feed offers an alternative approach to the usual nutritional proposals, helping to improve ration intake, conversion index and microbiota of cows. For more information about the product and its features, you can visit the following link: Happy Vit plus FEED.

Investing in the welfare of dairy cows is an important step in ensuring sustainable and high quality production.

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