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ClassyFarm Benefits: Improve Animal Welfare and Your Reputation for Accessing to PAC

The ClassyFarm is an innovative system that improves the quality of life of the animals and increases productivity through a careful control of their environmental and health conditions. The ultimate goal is to reduce the consumption of drugs for the control of drug-resistance.

Classyfarm also offers other advantages for the breeder, EBF through the development of the HAPPY LINE has been strongly committed to this for several years. Let’s summarize the main points:

The system is based on a number of advanced technologies, including software, databases, sensors, artificial intelligence algorithms and monitoring devices.

By following the Classyfarm protocols you can create a comfortable and safe environment for animals, which results in an improvement in their well-being and productivity.

The use of Classyfarm can lead to an increase in corporate reputation, which can facilitate access to PAC funding.

The improved well-being is also combined with greater production efficiency:

improving animal welfare is not only an ethical act that is well seen by the public and the final consumer, but can also result in increased productivity.

Healthy and less stressed animals tend to grow faster and produce more, which translates into an economic advantage for the farm.

La veterinaria ispeziona un vitello. Linea Happy
Veterinario Classyfarm Linea Happy

Company Reputation Enhanced:

A farm that cares about animal welfare is viewed positively by the community and consumers. ClassyFarm helps you demonstrate your commitment to animal welfare through tangible data and results. This will help improve your business reputation and gain the trust of your customers.

Easy access to CAP Funding:

CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) funding is crucial for many farms. Showing your commitment to animal welfare and sustainability can increase your chances of getting PAC funding more easily and in larger quantities. Tools to collect animal welfare and sustainability data and reports can be used to access agricultural funding, such as those included in the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) development plans.

Traceability and Food Safety:

It helps to ensure the traceability of food produced by the farm, helping to ensure food safety and comply with regulations.

The ClassyFarm platform accurately records all animal health management information. This documentation is essential to demonstrate responsible husbandry practices to control authorities and bodies, helping to obtain sustainability and animal health certifications.

Reputation and Certifications:

It can help farmers document their animal welfare practices to obtain certifications and improve their business reputation. ClassyFarm collects detailed data on the health and behaviour of animals over time. These data can be analyzed to identify health trends and patterns. Farmers can then make informed data-driven decisions, reducing drug and antibiotic dependence as a preventive measure.

Bambini in un'azienda agricola Linea Happy abbracciano un vitello. Benessere Animale e Classyfarm in un allevamento Farmacofree
Bambini e Benessere Animale Linea Happy

Ultimately, ClassyFarm while being a burden even heavier than in the past, offers farmers a smarter and more proactive way to manage animal health by reducing dependence on antibiotics. This can significantly contribute to reducing drug resistance in productive animals and improving the long-term sustainability of the agricultural industry.

It also offers a complete solution to improve animal welfare on your farm to increase productivity and enhance your business reputation.

These benefits not only make your business more ethical but can also open doors to significant financial opportunities.

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