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The Happy line for sustainable  breeding

Animal Wellbeing

Our production

Happy Angelfert

Complementary feed for the reproductive sphere

Happy Vit

Complementary feed for calf diarrhea and immunity activation

Happy Green gel

With soothing and decongestant action. For udder, joints, muscles and tendons

Happy Alosan

For the hygiene of the udder. Decongestant, soothing and re-epithelializing

Happy Clor

Gel immersion barrier sanitizing for the udder. Protects against microorganisms responsible for mastitis and prevents redness

Happy Epatosan

Complementary feed for productive performance

Happy Vit Plus Feed

Complementary feed with high energy profile

Also discover our line of products for protection at work and at home

For hands, objects, surfaces, air

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L'Analisi dei Dati Finance
L'Analisi dei Dati Finance
Apr 12, 2024, 10:30 AM
CERE - Circolo Equitazione Reggio E.

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