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Sanitizing solution for calves and for protection from insects HAPPY TABESAN is based on an exclusive poll of essential oils resulting from Eco & Biofood research and of Tabebuia avellanadae with sanitizing properties for the management of tools intended for feeding calves such as buckets, feeders , baby bottle as well as insect repellent properties for application on the back of cattle, horses, sheep and goats to protect against flies and horseflies. Historical notes: the South American natives have been collecting the inner part of the bark of a tree called Lapacho (Tabebuia avellanadae) for thousands of years. This tree that grows in the Amazon forests and in the mountains of Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and the mountainous areas of Bolivia and Peru has the particularity that its freshly removed bark grows back very quickly without causing any damage to the plant itself. Also known as Pau D'Arco, it has a sanitizing and antioxidant action and a use similar to that of Echinacea and Ginseng and does not contain caffeine. Lapacho can be used periodically as an adjuvant during critical periods and whenever a sanitizing action is necessary. Lapacho can be used safely in sanitizing solutions on objects and tools intended for breeding.


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  • Happy TABESAN è indicato per l'igienizzazione di secchi, tettarelle, biberon, e altri attrezzi o contenitori destinati all'alimentazione dei vitelli. Le sue proprietà insetto repellenti lo rendono utile anche per l'impiego sul dorso di bovini, equini, ovi-caprini nella protezione da mosche e tafani.



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