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It is an innovative lipogel with a repellent action against the main ectoparasites, given by the exclusive pool of essential oils in association with Neem oil . It is particularly suitable for horses, dogs, cats, and other pets and has been specially formulated to protect eyes, ears, muzzle, sores and wounds from the aggression of flies, gnats, gadflies and insects in general. It also has a soothing and emollient effect, useful in case of skin irritation and cracking.


It also facilitates tissue regeneration and integrity thanks to the high content of moisturizing and softening substances in combination with Hypericum extract . It performs an effective restorative and normalizing action on calluses , reducing cracking and abrasions of the plantar pads and the nose. Particularly suitable for working dogs, it decreases and brings back to normal the calluses from decubitus and increases the resistance of the plantar pad keeping it elastic.

HAPPY PETS SW lipogel 200 ML

SKU: 8027460600948
€32.22 Regular Price
€29.00Sale Price
  • Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits and Ferrets

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