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Happy PETS Ectoparasite Spray is a natural repellent with a combined and persistent action


- Active on fleas, ticks, sand flies, mosquitoes, flies

- For the hygiene of paws and paws


The natural principles contained in the exclusive pool of essential oils in combination with Neem oil have a strong repellent effect, favoring an environment hostile to the parasite, making mating difficult too.


The precious extracts of grapefruit seeds , in synergy with the pool of essential oils, make it suitable for use on the paws and plantar pads of animals upon returning home , protecting and sanitizing the treated area.


Also to be used as an environmental repellent and sanitizer on kennels, beds, cushions, carpets, sofas or where animals usually stay.
The exclusive fragrance is unpleasant to insects by removing them, this is particularly useful, even against flies and mosquitoes.
The absence of propellant gas minimizes the risk of skin sensitization and the sound emitted does not frighten the animal.




SKU: 8027460600931
€37.33 Regular Price
€26.13Sale Price
  • Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits and Ferrets

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