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HAPPY ECHISAN is an innovative fast absorbing hydrocolloid ointment specially designed for the well-being of the breast. HAPPY ECHISAN contains an exclusive and powerful poll of essential oils natural properties with well-known properties and extracts of Echinacea purpurea root known for their beneficial effects. The phytocomplexes dispersed in the hydrocolloid have very high values of natural principles with important actions on the breast tissue .


The characteristic hydrocolloid cream is the best that pharmaceutical technology can apply to phytocosmetic.

Specific natural components conveyed in a special formulation , bring useful synergies for the improvement of debilitating states.


The Echinacea purpurea native to North America is a splendid wild plant belonging to the Asteraceae family, it is a small natural wonder rich in active ingredients that are concentrated in the root . Its richness is made up of caffeic acid derivatives, essential oils, polysaccharides and of course flavonoids . The American Indians already knew the properties of Echinacea so much that they settled their tribes near this plant and cultivated it. Echinacea was in fact used to treat wounds , toothache and even the bite of the rattlesnake.



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€82.00Sale Price
  • Happy Echisan is indicated for all animal species, where an effective decongestant, soothing, restorative action on the breasts, joints, tendons and muscles is required.

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