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RUGIADA® is a powerful ecological sanitizer for cleaning fruit and vegetables, as well as cereals and dried legumes before cooking.

The washing principle of RUGIADA® is exclusively based on plants (corn, peanuts, soy), is totally of natural origin, bases its purifying power on the fatty acids of fruits and plant seeds. It is completely biodegradable (99.9%).


RUGIADA® allows the removal in a few minutes (1-2 min.) Of all the main foreign substances present in fruit and vegetables, such as: pesticides, pesticides, waxes, chemical fertilizers, pollutants, dust, dirt of any origin.

Many substances, pesticides in particular, are lipophilic, and are therefore incorporated by the external waxes naturally produced by plants. Only RUGIADA® is able to remove them, as it eliminates the waxes that contain them. This is why it intervenes in the detoxification of pollen, chemicals, dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers, free radicals, heavy metals, smog (fine dust), environmental residues, tobacco and pesticides.

6 pieces of Rugiada 500 ml

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  • RUGIADA® due to its particular properties, unlike other sanitizers, does not alter the organoleptic characteristics of fruit and vegetables and leaves the taste, smell as well as the mineral and vitamin content unaltered.

    It derives from renewable plants and is rich in natural antioxidants , therefore it does not require preservatives, dyes or stabilizers. It is also not toxic or flammable. It does not require any precautions for storage and disposal. RUGIADA® is based on plants that do not come from genetically modified crops, it is a "GMO Free" product .

    Due to its particular composition it is a hypoallergenic product, and contributes in an important way to the reduction of allergies induced by chemical residues, it breaks down the microbial load when present on the outside of the plants, since it eliminates the substrate that contains it. It is not a disinfectant.

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