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EBF: Partner for "Drug Free" breeding

🌱🐄 The Happy EBF line: the winning partner for "Drug Free" companies! 🏆✨

If you are a breeder who is committed to maintaining a "Drug Free" management in your company, then the EBF Happy Line is just what you need! With natural and effective products for calf, breast and all transition periods, EBF offers you a complete solution to achieve your goals.

🐮 Animal health and welfare is a top priority for responsible farmers and the EBF Happy line has been specially developed to meet these needs. Using high quality natural ingredients and innovative formulations, EBF is committed to providing products that promote the health of your cows without compromising their productivity.

🌿 The calves is a critical stage in the development of cows and ensuring proper nutrition and a strong immune system is crucial to their future success. With the Happy line, EBF offers specific supplements that provide essential nutrients for healthy growth, improving disease resistance and promoting better quality of calves. Our products help to create a solid foundation for higher milk production.

🥛 Udder health is a crucial aspect to ensure efficient and high quality milk production. EBF understands the challenges farmers face in managing udder infections and offers natural and effective solutions to promote an healthy udder. The Happy line includes specific products that support the health of the mammary glands, helping to prevent infections and maintain optimal milk production.

🌱 Transitional periods are a critical moment for the health of the cows. During this period, cows face significant physiological changes that can affect their productivity. With the Happy line, EBF provides products designed specifically to support cows during transition periods, optimizing their well-being and ensuring a smoother transition to milk production.

🏆💼 But the good news doesn’t stop there!

💼🌾 With the EBF Happy Line, you not only invest in the health and well-being of your cows, but you can also access the rewarding mechanisms of the Common Agricultural Policies (CAP). Being part of Classyfarm is a significant benefit for breeders who want to get additional benefits for their business. EBF understands the importance of supporting breeders in achieving their goals and, through the right cooperation in Classyfarm, provides growth opportunities and rewards for those who choose the Happy line as a partner for their company.

🌐 If you want to know more about the EBF Happy Line and how to become part of the companies that are committed to reducing the use of medicines, please visit our website on veterinary medicine at: Happy | Igiene e benessere naturale (

Here you will find detailed information about Happy products, testimonials from satisfied breeders and all the details to join this exciting community of breeders who pursue a "Drug Free" approach to livestock management.

🌿✨ EBF is your winning partner for a successful "Drug Free" management. With the Happy Line, complete with natural and effective products for veal, udder and all transition periods, you will have the tools you need to achieve high quality milk production, optimal health of your cows and access to rewarding benefits. Join us and discover how the Happy Line can transform your business for the better!

✅🐄 Invest in the health, well-being and success of your cows with the Happy Line. Choose the path of natural innovation and become part of a

community of breeders who are committed to a management "Drug Free". EBF and our technicians are waiting for you to face new challenges together and conquer even greater goals!

Find out more about the Happy Line and join us today!

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